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Airts & Pairts’s Top 10 Tips to Ease Your Wanderlust without Leaving Home



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Airts & Pairts’s Top 10 Tips to Ease Your Wanderlust without Leaving Home

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Have you recently been thinking about travelling? Do you have itchy feet? Well, the good news is: You are not alone! Thousands of people around the world are infected by this serious condition known as “Wanderlust”.

Now that we’ve been given our timeline for the road out of lockdown by the Scottish Government and we know we need to hold out just a wee bit longer, there is a #silverlining. We are so much looking forward to welcoming you again soon when you #visitscotland and we can #takeyouonanadventure and show you the sheer beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Until then, #staysafe, keep on #dreamingofscotland and be inspired by our “Top 10 Tips” to ease your wanderlust:

1. Bring Your Memories to Life Look through the pictures of your last adventure. What was your favourite moment? Share these memories and indulge in reminiscence.

2. Watch a Movie Set in Scotland There are so many to choose from: Harry Potter, Highlander, Local Hero, Brave, Skyfall, What we did on our Holiday, Edie, Outlaw King, Angel`s Share, Made of Honor, Macbeth and so many more. There is something for every taste. We hear the popcorn popping already.

One gem we can’t wait to watch is Iorram (Boat Song), a portrait of the fishing communities in the Outer Hebrides – entirely in Gaelic. It is currently available to UK audiences only from the Small Screen Machine, the pandemic version of our 80-seat rolling cinema that usually brings the latest films to rural areas of the Highlands and Islands. The international release is planned for Summer 2021.

3. Listen to Some Scottish Music

Who is your favourite Scottish musician? What is your favourite song? Create a playlist and sing along - I am sure quite you will do a better job than myself. I am always afraid that birds will drop from the sky when they hear me. I still sing though, just not outside. Why? Cause singing makes us happy, true story and scientifically proven! So, gie it laldy*!

We have just started curating our “Scotland the Songs” playlist on Spotify – have a listen here.

4. Take Your Taste Buds on a Journey How about making some shortbread, or if you feel very brave: some haggis, neeps and tatties? There are so many Scottish specialities to choose from and there is always the right dish for the right day – like Cullen Skink, one of our absolute favourites and a proper piece of soul food, on a dreich day. Need some inspiration? Check out VisitScotland’s Scottish Recipe Collection.

5. Let’s Go Fly a Kite…

Yes, we know, it’s so much more fun on a Scottish beach where the wind just carries your kite into the highest heights. Not enough wind 'round your neck of the woods? Go for a hike instead and enjoy the fresh air, or just take that kite out and run like there’s no tomorrow. It will surely stay up there, at least for a wee while.

6. Make the Most of Your Day Why should there only be excitement when getting up early to start a journey? There are so many things to discover in the first rays of sunlight. Mornings are my absolute favourite time of the day. With the rest of the clan still asleep, the house is so quiet and peaceful. I enjoy an espresso, snuggle up with Sherlock and watch the sunrise. Absolute bliss.

7. Take the Scenic Route How often do we take that same old road on our way to work or to the shops over and over again? Create a playlist of your favourite songs and take the scenic route. It can be almost as exciting as driving around a place you have never visited before.

8. Become a #HameTownTourist There is so much to discover around us and so often, we do not notice the charming features of our "hame toon". They are too familiar. But, if we look a wee bit closer we find the most fascinating stories and maybe a “hidden” gem or two right around the corner.

9. Enjoy a Dram, or Two… Uisge beatha - the water of life. Whisky always lifts our spirts. Depending on the weather, the time of year and the food we’re enjoying with it, it is always a different dram. A great way to indulge, dream and enjoy these special moments in life. Slàinte mhath! Looking for some facts, figures and a bit of fun around Scotland’s gift to the world? Gather a few of your friends and loved ones and join us on our Virtual Whisky Experience.

10. Join Us on a Tour for Armchair Travellers

Anticipation is the greatest joy. Therefore, we have put together a range of virtual tours that let you feel the magic of Scotland from the comfort of your armchair. A great way to look forward to your next trip to the Highlands. Our virtual tours are interactive and like no other, with Dan at the Airts & Pairts headquarter showing you maps, animations and pictures of days gone by, whilst Elle is live on site and takes you around. Since you will have your private tour, just for you and for your loved ones, you can ask questions all the way and even tell us to make a turn to show you a place that means a lot to you. Every now and then, it even happens that our tour is joined by a particularly curious local who wants to have a wee blether…

We hope you stay curious and have great adventures. #DontSkipHope - We can`t wait to welcome you!

Love, Dan & Elle


*Gie it laldy:

A Scottish term to describe something that is done with lots of energy and vigour, or with “gusto”.

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